Unleashed by passion, driven by desire, and gifted with talent, Kidd Flash is the newest, most inspirational hip-hop and mixed tape R&B artist to hit the scene since his super-successful father, R&B crooner Ginuwine.

Born in the District of Columbia and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Kidd Flash is a talented rising rapper whose bold vocal range reaches across the music spectrum — from a smooth sexual melody, to a hard- hitting creative art form. Heavily influenced by the wisdom of epic storytelling, Kidd Flash received much of his inspiration and direction in overcoming life’s challenges from his grandparents.

With just a few years on the music scene, Kidd Flash is being rapidly recognized as a rising star whose endless energy and creative style reflect his own mixed blend of R&B, hard-hitting hip hop, and even some pop. He’s as versatile as his legendary father, Ginuwine, and as hard-working performing with his father for sold-out crowds.

Sophisticated and highly charged, the rapper/singer/writer/producer made his debut in the music industry in April 2012 with a remake of Ginuwine’s Differences entitled “More Differences,” then followed up immediately in May with a mixtape. Reflecting endless energy, Kidd Flash’s first mixtape, “The Greatest Adventures” is a combination of creative lyrical expression and personal emotions that connects real life experiences with real people. Kidd Flash’s increasing loyal fan base recognizes him as a truly gifted and talented artist.

Not to be stopped, Kidd Flash crossed over into the film industry in 2013. His tracks from “The Greatest Adventure” are featured on the soundtrack of Indie Films, A Coward’s Dream (DMV) http://www.acowardsdream.com/ and in School Riding (ATL), an independent social media comedy released in Spring 2013.

After a hiatus from releasing music for two years, Kidd Flash is ready to show you what he’s been strategically crafting.

Look out for Kidd Flash’s highly anticipated EP entitled Ya’ll Gon’ Kno, scheduled for release in August 2015. The single “Cold Blooded” is available now on SoundCloud, video coming soon.